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The main difference between coaching and consulting:
Coaching pulls out answers...
Consulting tells you what to do...



Life Coaching is one of the most effective methods to achieve what you want. Life Coaching is a team effort, we work together to set your goals in motion & move you into the future you want. Life Coaching takes place in the present, where you are right now & focuses on results!

1. We see what you don’t see

Many times the answer we’re looking for may be right in front of you. You hold beliefs and habits that shape your lens of yourself, life, situations events and others. We can see you and your situation, through the eyes of a trained professional whose goal is to focus on YOU, while YOU focus on what you want. We identify patterns or beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and work with you to resolve these and move past them in the direction of your goals.

2. We help you “get there” faster

We help you see a solution and come up with a plan of action, by identifying the root cause. We help you accomplish your goals, clear the blocks and live your dreams. Sure, you can also walk from Los Angeles to Atlanta, with nothing but your two feet to take you, but wouldn’t you rather take a plane? You could be missing out on years, lots of revenue missed out on and much unnecessary stress. Your time is valuable and hiring a professional will help you get results faster, allowing you to focus on your dreams and passions. 

3. We help you get clear

Some people are not sure what they want or what their life’s purpose is. This can make life feel dry and meaningless, leading to feelings of hopelessness. Many people have vague dreams of greatness and bursts of inspiration of making their dreams come true someday, but have no plan to actually make it a reality. Clarity is one of the most valuable assets to reach your goals. By offering an external perspective, we help you see yourself and your situation through a new lens. We  will ask you powerful questions you may never think to ask yourself, thus creating space for new thought patterns, new ideas, new revelations and new solutions.

4. We can help you improve life balance

Sometimes the stress of life, the demands of work, or the struggle to find time for loved ones can take a toll on your mental, physical and emotional. Sometimes it feels like if we excel at something in our life, something else has to suffer. We can help you identify the areas you excel at and which areas require more attention or work, so you can create a lifestyle that allows you to have everything that is important to you in life. 

5. You don’t have to do it alone

Some people work much better when someone holds them accountable and they are able to verbalize their goals and action plans.  When things get tough, you know that you don’t have to face it alone. We are with you every step of the way, so you can have the courage to keep going in the toughest of times.

6.We can open the door to potential you never knew were possible

We can help you discover different ways of thinking or different techniques that you never considered to be possible before. By combining expertise, training and an extensive toolset, a life coach has the ability to see and unlock potential in you that you never even dreamed of — until you experience your own life coaching sessions.

7. Investing in a life solidifies your commitment to self

Once you decide to hire a life coach it creates and solidifies your commitment to yourself. There is power in making a commitment of choice to finally achieve the dreams you’ve had for years. Whether you are feeling stuck or just ready to take the next step in your personal growth, this step shows that you’re serious and you’re ready.

8. If you’ve lost faith, momentum or confidence

Life hits us hard and our confidence and optimism may be impacted. Too many things happening at once — life changes or just a history of failures can leave you feeling lost, confused or low in confidence. We will help you work through these moments to help rebuild your confidence and create plans that provide the results you want.

9. If you are completely overwhelmed or out of your element

Sometimes your dreams and aspirations are so massive and overarching, that the thought of achieving them leaves you short of breath. Sometimes a drastic change or major life event happens so quickly, we lose our identity. Sometimes you’re dealing with something that is beyond you and just have no idea of how to approach or solve it. These are the best times to hire a life coach. These times of change are opportunities for growth hold the potential to skyrocket you into the next phase of your life.

10. If you’re ready to create lasting, sustainable change

When you hire a life coach, you will be transformed into a greater version of yourself and with your new awareness, you can never go back to being your old self again. You will no longer tolerate the old habits and patterns that you used to conform to. The process of working with a life coach is a life-changing experience. You will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner to create the life you’ve always wanted.



​Why Hire A Consultant?

There are three main reasons people decide to bring in outside advice:

  1. ​They are simply unable to figure it out or get to their desired state on their own.

  2. They have a general idea, but they want to get there faster.

  3. They want to save time and effort by following an efficient, proven system.

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Meet Victoria Celeste


Certified Life Coach, Lifestyle Consultant, Published Author, Wife, Mom and Motivational Speaker


19th and Bell- My family's childhood home was located on 19th Street

in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Bell, my maiden name. Honoring my past as I impact the future.


Victoria Celeste- Certified Life Coach, Published Author, Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Advocate for Domestic Violence Rehabilitation, Creative Director of -The Fashion Boot Camp, Creator of Proper Men's Skincare, Owner of 19th and Bell Lifestyle Consulting Firm, Wife and Mother. A Florida native, whom discovered at a very young age that her success depended primarily on God and her ability to make it happen. Over 20 years ago when Victoria relocated to Atlanta, GA, three weeks after losing her mother to cancer and some years after she completed her enlistment in the United States Army Victoria began her career in the entertainment industry. After only a few months in Atlanta Victoria owned and operated her own Fashion Boutique  which carried some of her signature designs. With a burning desire to explore the fashion and entertainment industry she began consulting entertainers and freelanced as a stylist for recording artist and models. Soon after she published her first book, sharing her past pain and triumphs with the world in the form of poetry.

While working in the industry Victoria crossed paths with people who were hurting, searching and seeking support, guidance and direction beyond image consulting! Many were stuck! Victoria understood all too well what being stuck looked like. Victoria wasn't exempt from disappointments, hardships and life changes that would push her into survivor mood.  Escaping a abusive marriage, losing a baby as a result of the abuse, losing her aunt in a tragic car accident, losing her mother two years later to cancer, her best friend shortly after to the same horrible disease, experiencing homelessness among other life trials are all challenges she overcame that became her testimony. By the Grace of God, strength, self awareness, self love and determination Victoria was committed to healing, rebuilding and living with purpose. The pain will not be in vain!

Victoria has always been the person that people would come to for support, advice and motivation. She found herself  providing roadmaps without truly knowing that it was "a thing". Having such a diverse client base including corporate professionals Victoria secured her degree in Business Management from Ohio Christian University. Blessed with a gift service and empowerment she later decided to get her masters certification in Life Coaching from Grand Canyon University. This education along with life and industry experience has provided Victoria with longevity in this everchanging industry. Victoria’s professionalism and creativity has open doors and formed relationships that will forever impact her career. Victoria has been blessed to provide her services to corporations such as EZ-Go, Textron Inc, Redkin, Warner Brothers, RCA in addition working with public officials and entertainment industry professionals. 

Victoria continues to embrace new challenges without setting limitations, she has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.  When Victoria is not spending time with God you can find her empowering, enjoying the ocean, sharing love and enjoying life with her husband and two children.


It’s essential that I walk in my purpose and use my gift of service to impact, empower and change lives.

 What’s knowledge if you are not wise enough to share it?” -Victoria Celeste 

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